Vision #3: Exploring a New Harbor to Set Anchor

We will research and design a new project to invest and build meaningful relationships with young adults in their 20’s and 30’s.

What gifts do we already have for this?

  • Physical resources (building and manse)
  • Stable financial footing
  • Members with a variety of vocational, life, and faith experiences
  • An extended “family” for young adults as they discern their lifepath

What might such an effort look like?

A Residential Vocational Discernment Program:

  • Four to six young adults would spend a year living in community in our manse while working as interns in nonprofits or settings of their intended vocation. They commit to a curriculum implemented by our church that includes Biblical/theological reflection, discernment exercises, community dinners and mentoring from members in their fields of interest. These residents would also provide leadership and a core for Covenant’s own young adult events.

Where do we begin?

  • Commissioning a team to spend 18 months in research and design for a Residential Vocational Discernment Program, studying similar models
  • Studying about Christian vocation individually and as a congregation
  • Completing a comprehensive feasibility study that considers our projected operating budget, impending capital repairs, and potential program costs
  • Praying fervently and boldly

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Vision #2: Refining Our Sailing Skills