Mission Statement

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Our Mission is to Equip the People of God to Serve Christ in the World

By professing our faith through living it out. (“In all things proclaim the love of God; if necessary, use words.” – Francis of Assisi)

By supporting a culture of intellectual, spiritual, and emotional freedom where dogma, institutional constraints, theology, belief, and faith are examined, questioned and, if needed, reformed. (“Once reformed, always reforming”)

By engaging in spiritual practices that deepen our connection to God, self, creation, and other persons. (“Seek and you will find.” – Jesus)

By working toward hospitality, inclusion, and acceptance of others. (“When you welcome the stranger, you welcome me.” – Jesus)

By staying rooted in the historical and liturgical tradition in worship which connects us to generations of believers and points us toward the future with vision and hope. (“Do this in remembrance of me.” – Jesus)

By modeling Christ’s message for all the world through individual and communal acts of reconciliation, forgiveness, justice and peace. (“Pick up your cross and follow me.” – Jesus)

New Church Building in LaGonave, Haiti

Habitat Build in Atlanta

Global Gift Market at Covenant

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Covenant Presbyterian Church is located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. You will find many opportunities to experience faith, hope, and love in this community of seekers. Come and explore Christianity in an open and affirming congregation where all questions are honored and all people received.

Address: 2461 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: 404.237.0363

Email: office@covpresatlanta.org